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Holiday Apartment Listings Cape Town


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Owners doing their own property management, but require additional exposure and bookings through our websites and extended network of marketing channels (optional).
Cost: 7,5%* on confirmed bookings 

*Excluding channel commission (if selected & applicable)

You have the freedom of choice to select individual or multiple channels depending on your needs and own marketing strategy. Please inquire for more information on the various channels we offer together with their commission levels.

For more listing options, and detailed information on our aggressive marketing approach, and reasons why to list with us, please see the Property Management section on this website.

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Short Term vs Long Term Rentals?

Long Term Letting


– Secure (but inadequate) Rental Income
– No initial capital outlay for furniture


– Lower Rental Income than Short Term Letting
– Little control over tenants with limited access for inspection
– Higher “wear & tear” of fixtures with permanent occupation
– Not available for personal use at all

Short Term Letting


– Higher Rental Income than Long Term Letting
– Regular inspections of the unit by means of housekeeping, arrivals & departures, maintenance etc.
– Not occupied 100% means longer “life” of fixtures.
– Flexible to accommodate personal use & enjoyment


– Rental Income not 100% secure (50%* occupancy considered conservative)
– Initial capital outlay for furniture

Wanting more than just listing, see our Property and Rental Management Options

Holiday Apartment Listings Cape Town