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We thank FZP for your cooperation & assistance over the past 6 years. We will however no longer be requiring any tenants as we are selling our apartment.

Jaco, I cannot thank you enough for all you & your team have done for my husband & I over the years. FZP has gone above & beyond in managing the apartment.

Thank you
Regards Yolande Davies
306 High Level Terrace, Green Point


Hi Frans,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service that you and the FZP team offer.

I am so pleased I made the move to short term!


Steven Pieterse
332 The Square, CBD


Dear Frans & Jaco,

Thank you for taking care of our place. Thanks to the FZP Team for their kind service, bookings and support. Wishing you all a wonderful 2014 and successful year of reservations.

With special thanks,

Tahier & Henning
14 Harbour Terrace, De Waterkant


Good morning Frans.

All in all your organization’s handling out the renting and care of our apartment is going well. I was really impressed with the state of the place when we visited a few months ago. You have a good team and we appreciate all the work they do on our behalf.


Eoin Redahan
808 Manhattan, Century City


We have been using FZP properties for 2 years now and have received excellent service in that time. We have experienced a few issues with the flat and FZP have dealt with these very efficiently. Frans and Jaco are very responsive and we have confidence that our property is in good hands. We have also seen an increase in bookings over the past year. Regards, Clyde Marwick P4 Albany Court, Gardens clydle1@sky.com

We are quite happy with the quality and level of services rendered by FZP. Our 2 bedroom apartment in Century City is now listed with FZP since the latter part of 2009 and we have experienced a marked increase in the level of service and general organization from FZP compared to the previous management agents used. The occupancy and general income levels also showed a marked increase since listed with FZP. Their reporting is accurate and normally a few days after month end. Trust this will help you in your decision. Should you wish to discuss this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Glenn Geldenhuis

Cell: +27 823212076

E-mail: ggeldenhuis@global.co.za


Dear Frans and Jaco,

Thank you for your continued support and good service during the past year and we look forward to a mutually beneficial 2011. Your ongoing effort and commitment is noted and we wish to thank you for that. Wishing you and your staff a joyous festive season and a prosperous 2011. For those who will be travelling, drive safely.

Kind regards

Glenn Geldenhuis


This is a note of appreciation for the improvement in occupancy at 1212 Four Seasons. Whatever you guys are doing is working.

Thank you,

With my best wishes,


Four Seasons


The guys at FZP are making a good go of it in my opinion. They pay attention to maintenance (like replacing a shower rose in my place recently) and the bookings are consistent (ongoing) and of reasonable length. Frans  turned his nose up at my linen and I payed R7000 for them to to supply new linen and towels (2 sets) for my place, which was easily covered by January rental income, and I guess the quality element offered to tenants will pay off. I think a grouping of places in Ascot is to all of our advantage and I encourage you to make use of FZP’s service as they have a comparably good presence in Ascot for some reason, compared to other agents. Watching Cape Town property (lots, many hundreds of rental places are available at the moment in Cape Town) I think that FZP’s performance has been good- certainly I have watched Nottingham Square occupancy in season, and in my place, and it was good, probably 90%, but they would have to tell you exactly. World Cup? With many hundreds of options for short term tenants its not quite the goldmine everyone was hoping for but I trust FZP to fill my place at a market related price and to maintain it. I hope that is adequate detail.

Dr Danny Barker


Dear Jaco,

For now I wish you all the best for the New Year 2010. Via this e-mail I would also like to thank you and your team for the more than great service that you provided to me and my guests in the past year.


Best Regards,

Martijn Rockwell Apartments



Dear Frans and Jaco,

Thank you very much for your effort and commitment. We noted the increased level of bookings and wish to thank you for that. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2010. Trust it will be a GREAT year.

Kind regards

Glenn Geldenhuis

Cell: +27 823212076

E-mail: ggeldenhuis@global.co.za


Hi Frans

Many thanks. Very excited to see bookings “not available?” all the way to 2nd February. Yes please! I will get working on the free ads site in the UK tomorrow- will just direct traffic to my page on your site and hope for the best.

Thanks Danny

Dr Danny Barker



Beste Frans en Jaco,

Ik wens jullie zowel persoonlijk als zakelijk een heel goed 2010 toe. Heel veel dank aan jullie en jullie team voor de geweldige manier waarop jullie het afgelopen jaar weer gewerkt hebben.

Roely Hofstee

501 New Cumberland, Mouille point