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Short Term Rentals Made Easy


short term rentals made easy

short term rentals made easy


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Do you own property in Cape Town, and are you looking for peace of mind and to maximize your return? If the answer is yes, please read further.

The serviced apartment industry (both leisure and corporate rentals) is at a rise and continuous to grow as it offers more flexible, comfortable and very often more affordable options than traditional hotel rooms. Therefore the demand for reliable and professional property management increases. The days of just leaving keys with a relative, friend or estate agent are long gone. Investors prefer a hassle free solution to take care of their investment and secure solid returns over and above recovering expenses such as annual rates, taxes and levies.

CTHA (previously FZP) is a well established provider of flexible property management solutions in Cape Town. Through our extensive range of marketing channels you are guaranteed maximum exposure so crucial in an extremely competitive market. We constantly monitor occupancy levels as result of seasonal fluctuations and adjust our marketing and focus accordingly to ensure optimal returns. All reservation activity is captured in real-time and visible through the booking engine on our website from anywhere in the world ensuring absolute transparency with each and every rental.

Our model, in line with industry norm, is based on real-time availability and reservations with instant confirmation & payment. This means calendars on all platforms would have to be managed by a single office, or be synchronized through a channel manager to avoid double bookings. This will have to be discussed and considered if you are appointing other agents, and/or make use of other marketing channels as well.

Should the above be of interest, or you would like more clarity and/or information, please let us know and we’ll gladly assist.

I trust that you found the information and solutions above informative, as well as attractive. We look forward to become a partner in marketing your property, and securing the best possible return.

Please feel free to discuss any aspect with me personally.

Frans Jordaan-Viljoen
Co-Founder FZP/CTHA