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The 2021 Cape Town Cycle Tour – FAQs

2021 Cape Town Cycle Tour – Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some more info on the 2021 Cape Town Cycle Tour? You’ve come to the right place, click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Source: https://www.capetowncycletour.com/frequently-asked-questions/


Does this event count towards my total number of Cape Town Cycle Tours ridden?

  • Yes, the 2021 Cape Town Cycle Tour that is scheduled to take place on 10 October, will count towards your tally of Cycle Tours.

How will I be seeded for the 2021 event?

  • Your 2020 Cape Town Cycle Tour result
  • Your 2019 Cape Town Cycle Tour result which will have a weighting applied
  • Events that are approved and are hosted nationally between the 2020 Cycle Tour and early September of 2021
  • 2021 Virtual Cape Town Cycle Tour on Fulgaz which may have a weighting applied.

Will the event format differ from previous years?

  • The organisers are applying an “arrive to start” and a “finish to leave” approach
    • This means that all participants will be allocated a “start window time” during which they are permitted to arrive in the start precinct and cross the start line. (Plan your ride to the start area carefully so that you arrive, without having to wait around, in time for your allocated start window). Their timing chip will verify that they have started when they should and also start the clock on their riding time.
    • On completion participants will receive their finishers medal and a sealed beverage after which they will be required to leave the finish precinct and return home.

Will there be registration and expo?

  • There will be limited Registration and Expo. This will only be open to participants who are collecting their event numbers. All participants will be allocated a day on which they are able to collect their number and must either collect it themselves on that day or nominate someone to collect it on their behalf. This is so that we are able to manage the number of people passing through the Registration/Expo.

How long will I have to enter and why is it important to get my entry in early?

  • They are limiting the number of entries to 18000, which is approximately half the amount of cyclists we would normally allow. This is being done to ensure that the Cycle Tour complies with all Local and National Covid-19 protocols. We anticipate that entries will sell out quickly as a result of the extremely limited size of the field.

If the event is cancelled will I get a refund?

  • There is a comprehensive refund policy that has been formulated and you can view this on the Cycle Tour’s website in the Terms and Conditions section HERE

Will substitutions be allowed?

  • Yes, substitutions will be allowed.

Why are entries opening now?

  • Organising an event the size of the Cape Town Cycle Tour is a massive logistical challenge. This challenge has been made more difficult by the current pandemic. The Cycle Tour need to ensure that they are able to get everyone entered well in advance as this allows us the planning time to both organise the event and communicate sufficiently with those who have entered.

Will entrants be getting a Goodie Bag?

  • At this time it is not anticipated that there will be a Goodie Bag.

How will I pay for my Cycle Tour entry?

  • Entries will be paid for online via a credit card.

How much time do I have to complete the route?

  • Each participant will have 7 hours to complete the route. This time is taken from the time you cross the start mat and your timing chip activates that you have started.

Will cyclists on E-bikes be permitted to participate?

  • Yes, E-bikes will be permitted.

Will there be water points?

  • All participants will be encouraged to carry sufficient water/Powerade with them where possible by the using water bottles and hydration packs. There will be water tables along the route. Hydration will be dispensed directly into bottles/hydration packs carried by the participants. There will be no cups at any of the water stations. All refreshment point staff as well as all participants stopping at these water stations will be required to wear a mask and social distance during the process of refilling their hydration items.

How will the event be timed?

  • Each rider will be required to use a Racetec timing chip. This chip will activate both your start time as you cross the start mat as well as your time of completion when you cross the finish mat.

Why is wearing a timing chip compulsory?

  • The wearing of a chip is mandatory! Apart from the fact that it allows the organisers to time you on the day it allows us to manage what is happening out on the route. There are a number of timing mats around the route that allow us to track the progress of the entire event and know exactly what resources are required at any point. It also allows the organisers to have a better idea of where our individual participants are at any time so that when queries are received from loved ones they are able to let them have an idea of your anticipated finish time or in fact if you have actually finished or not.

If I forget my timing chip on the morning are they available at the Start?

  • Yes, timing chips are available at the start form the Racetec staff, whom will be clearly identifiable as well as from the Racetec gazebo. The placement of this gazebo will be communicated to you in your final event brief.

What happens if I lose or forget my race number?

  • There will be a race administration points within the start precinct where the organising crew will be able to assist participants who have lost or misplaced their race numbers. The placement of this administration point will be communicated to you in your final event brief.

Will there be Covid-19 protocols implemented?

  • There will be a strictly enforced set of Covid-19 protocols in effect for the event. These are being put together by the medical team and will be adjusted to meet the needs of the National Regulations at the time of the hosting of the event. These protocols will be communicated to you over the months preceding the event.

Will I get a medal on completion?

  • Finishers medals will be given to all participants completing the event.
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