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CTHA Launches print campaign in gay publications

The company responsible for some of the best Self-catering Accommodation and Cape Town Holiday apartments, CTHA, has recently launched an advertising campaign, now appearing in Gay Publications such as Gay Pages and Pink Guide SA. CTHA has been a well established and respected business offering self-catering accommodation for many years, offering Cape Town Holiday apartments to suit all needs.

CTHA offers accommodation to any traveller, whether they are here on holiday or business, alone, as a couple, or as a family. They have a wide selection of accommodation to suit your needs, ranging from budget to luxury, and bachelor pads to family units. The Self-catering Accommodation rentals agent offers Cape Town Holiday apartments on both short and medium term rentals, located both close and at a distance from the CBD.

CTHA’s latest move is the launch of a new advertising campaign which showcases their sophistication and modern accommodation. The campaign targets gay publications, as well as travel and annual business magazines. The adverts differ according to which category of publication they arrive in, however they all have the same minimal sophisticated style which mirrors the modern styles of the Cape Town Holiday Apartments. Gay Pages and Pink Guide SA have a sophisticated and affluent readership. The magazines focus on hot issues, as well as lifestyle, travel, cars, art and decor, social events, and also food and wine. CTHA range of publications shows their diversity and desire to provide for everybody’s needs.

The adverts present in gay publications have the same design as the other advertisements; however the designers from BSP design cleverly changed the usual style of pictures shown inside the interlinked letters and have instead, put them inside a male body. This eye-catching touch is clever and wins the attention of readers, allowing the advert to get its message across. The slogan in the advert also differs from those in other publications with “Why stay at home if you can stay with us?” This slogan embraces the gay community, stating that they are welcome to stay in their Cape Town Holiday Apartments or Self-catering Accommodation. This welcome can also be seen by the pink feather at the bottom of the advertisement. In light of a recent court case in the UK against a couple who refused board to a gay couple, this statement acts to reinforce that CTHA welcome everybody, regardless of sexuality or race.

CTHA’s mission is to promote the Western Cape as a world-class tourist destination. Whatever your reasons for being in the Cape, and whatever your accommodation requirements, they’ll make sure to find you the most luxurious Cape Town Holiday Apartments or Self-Catering Accommodation for your budget and requirements.

Written by superadmin • June 8, 2016

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