Cape Town self catering accommodation

Cape Town self catering accommodation; Experience a culture don’t see a city

When visiting Cape Town self catering accommodation should be considered as an option for your stay. Whether visiting by yourself, with a family, for business or for pleasure self- catering accommodation in Cape Town will give you an experience that no tourist guide can offer. From cooking like a local to staying on when the buses have left, Cape Town self catering accommodation is the best possible option for seeing the city the way the locals do. Many people consider Cape Town self catering accommodation as all about saving money, as you’ll see here it’s about a lot more.

Many people can’t see the benefit, when on holiday in Cape Town, of self-catering accommodation, it’s an instinctive reaction to believe that having to cook for yourself defeats the purpose of going on holiday. However it would be short sighted not to at least consider this option when visiting somewhere with as much to offer as Cape Town. Cape Town self-catering accommodationSitting at the tip of Africa, Cape Town is a melting pot of cultures, influenced by its history first as a Dutch settlement then an English colony and its involvement in the slave trade. The food you’ll find here is a unique blend of flavours from all over the world and the best way to experience it is to cook for yourself in one of Cape Town self-catering accommodation holiday apartments.

There are many fresh food markets, stocking local produce, available in Cape Town. Self catering accommodation allows you to enjoy the experience of spending a day wandering through these markets, sampling exotic ingredients and getting advice on how to use them from friendly locals. When your feet are sore and your shopping bags are full you can return to your self-catering accommodation and prepare a meal that is unique to Cape Town. Self catering accommodation allows you the freedom to spend your days and then your evenings like a real local, experiencing Cape Town rather than just seeing it.

The benefits of Cape Town self catering accommodation are obvious, even for those that have no interest in cooking. There is no shortage of good restaurants in Cape Town so self catering accommodation shouldn’t make you harbour fear about having to cook for yourself, instead consider it an opportunity to find out where the locals eat, rather than where the tour guides think you should.
Package tours will see you forced to say goodbye, perhaps before you are ready, to Cape Town. Self catering accommodation gives you the freedom to decide when your time in Cape Town is over. Cape Town is full of tourists that came for a week and stayed for three and Port Elizabeth is full of tourists that would rather be in Cape Town but had to leave with their tour bus.

Cape Town’s weather is notoriously fickle and the South Easter can see a perfectly clear morning turn into a grey afternoon covering Table Mountain in a thick blanket of cloud known as the table cloth. When this happens taking the cable car to the top becomes impossible. If this happens for two or three days in a row and you’re booked a package tour you might be forced to leave without ever having experienced the views. Cape Town self catering accommodation options are multitude and give you the freedom to truly experience Cape Town. Self catering accommodation doesn’t have to be about saving money it can be about having the truly local experience.

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