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Cape Town Weekend Getaway

Join Makayla Jack on a Cape Town weekend getaway in one of our apartments.

I decided that my last blog for this year would be about Cape Town Holiday Apartments.

Cape Town Holiday Apartments has a wide variety of luxury holiday apartments in and around Cape Town and in November my bestie (and fellow content creator) @sharalee_brits and I were #hosted by CTHA and we stayed at the New Cumberland apartment which is at the top of the holding right across the road from the beach, the 180° view was visible from the kitchen, lounge, dining room, the bedrooms and you can even spot the view from one of the showers (don’t worry it’s a one-way view from the shower so no one can see you!)

We also loved how useful each space was for us, we used one of the bedrooms as an “office” for some quick work which was easy thanks to the cute chair and desk in the room, every part of the apartment was so useful yet still beautiful.

Here is the link to the exact apartment we stayed in, it’s beautiful! https://www.capetownholidayapartments.com/listing/501-new-cumberland/

Sharalee & I decided to make a small list of our 3 favourite things about the apartment we stayed in:

Sharalee’s 3 favourite things about the apartment:

1. The sunflower pillar, there is a beautiful pillar in the lounge wrapped with sunflower wallpaper, Sharalee says she loves how it brightens up the whole room.

2. The 180° view, this is definitely one of the things you’ll find on both our lists of favourites, the view was absolutely incredible.

3. Sharalee also loved “every comfy chair”, there were so many awesome seating areas to get comfy and feel at home, like you were at your “home away from home”.

My Favourites about the apartment:

1. The kitchen: I absolutely loved the kitchen, it was absolutely stunning & quite big too, it was very functional for everything we needed and it was super aesthetically pleasing.

2. The 180° view, like I mentioned above this is a favourite that Sharalee and I both share, the fact that you could see the view from most of the spaces in the apartment due to the massive windows and sliding doors. This allowed us to appreciate the stunning view.

3. The balcony: this one kind of ties in with my previous point, I absolutely loved the balcony , it went right around the front of the apartment where you can stand and look at the unforgettable view throughout the say.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our stay with CTHA, if you’d like to check out what they have to offer I’ve attached their link below, I’ve also mentioned their Instagram if you’d like to give them a follow.



Thank you so much for stopping by & reading my last blog for 2020, we hope we helped you find your next place for a #StayCation, remember to check out all the options of places available!😍

Lots of love ,

@makayla_jack_ & @sharalee_brits


  • January 10, 2021
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