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Make Cape Town your next stop as Digital Nomad

Did you know that South Africa has officially announced that we will be welcoming remote workers to come and reside with the new South Africa Digital Nomad Visa?

Earlier in 2022 the South African govnerment announced that they are going to introduce a Digital Worker Visa.

But what exactly is a Digital Nomad Visa?

This visa will allow remote workers, who are location independent, to reside in South Africa on a temporary residence permit. But in order to eligible for a digital nomad visa, you must either be employed by or town a company that is established outside of the country. You can also be a freelancer or self-employed with clients outside of the country.

What are the requirements?

As with any visa process, there are always a set of requirements that must be in order for you to eligible to apply. While the we are awaiting the details of what the requirements will be, this is what we know so far;

  • Valid Passport – your passport must be valid while applying for the visa
  • Income Minimum – the rumours suggest that the income requirement will be $3000 per month
  • Work Remotely – you will have to prove that you work remotely through contracts
  • Medical Aid (Health Insurance) – you must have medical insurance coverage for the duration of your stay
  • Address of Accommodation – you must have a lease or online booking of where you plan to stay in South Africa

So why choose Cape Town as your next stop on your digital?


We have stunning co-working spaces, all within walking distrance of many of our apartments;

Cape Town Workshop 17 is one of our favourite co-working spaces and their spot in the heart of the V&A Waterfront is the perfect base to explore the city from.

Stoep Startup was founded by two dynamic women and calls Sunridge House it’s home. This building is engrained with deep history, being the house that was built for the son of the 1820 Settlers, British Colonel Richard George Southey.

Inner City Ideas Cartel has a number of different locations around Cape Town, and is a firm favourite of our nomadic guests. With it’s trendy furniture, exceptional service and great networking opportunities, this is a spot that inspires.

Hustle House is the home for the Hustler, with great pricing plans, lightening fast internet and a casual and vibey atmosphere.



There are a number of excellent neighbourhoods to live and work in. From Gardens and Woodstock, all the way through to Milnerton and Blouberg. Most of the city can be explored by My City Bus, or just by grabbing an Uber. The Cape Town CBD and Seapoint & Green Point are all literally within walking distance of many coffee shops, restaurants, cafes and clubs.



We are known for being ‘Coffee Snobs’ and you can find the most fantastic coffee shops on almost every corner.

Refuge Coffee is one of our most popular coffee houses and was even voted by the Daily Telegraph as the best coffee shop in the world for two years running.

Molten Toffee is the spot for a great cup, a wonderful meal and engaging atmosphere.

Origin Coffee is one of South Africa’s leading coffee bean growers, with their coffee making it’s way to Paris, France.


But we are not only famous for our coffee, our wine is also award winning and we have some of the best wines in the world.   There are so many great wine estates to visit, and some of them even have their own dedicated hotdesking sections.


We have some amazing apartments that are ready & waiting for you to make your home, for a week or even a month, and if you like the apartment, we can even do a medium term rental for you. And if you need assistance with a short term lease, we can assist you that! You can stay in one apartment, or you can move each month to a different location to ensure that you get to enjoy the best of what Cape Town has to offer.


Here’s our selection of the best apartments that will suit your journey as a digital nomad?

Sixteen on Bree

What more could you ask for? This full furnished studio apartment is locaed in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, has a large flat screen Smart TV, free unlimited WIFI, a work station, rooftop swimming pool and gym and a view to die for.

The Square is a spacious studio located in Old Town Sqaure and also offers free unlimited WIFI, a swimming pool and gym and is within walking distance of hundreds of coffee shops, cafes, delis, restaurants, clubs and co-working spaces.

Glen Devon, located in Sea Point has sea views, free WIFI and a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for those home made meals. This characteristic apartment is minutes from the V&A Waterfront is an ideal starting off point for your journey as digital nomad in Cape Town.

Key West is a contemporary studio in Milnerton and a clubhouse and balcony that is perfect for those sundowner cocktails. The apartment is very tastefully furnished and comes with a flat screen tv with DSTV.

KnightsBridge is one of our larger apartments, catering for up to six with it’s three bedrooms and is located in the upscale neighbourhood of Century City. You get open plan living, a balcony with views of the canals and mountains and free unlimited WIFI. So come with friends and stay in comfort.

Portswood Mews – we have a number of different apartments in this block, so if you’re wanting to come as a group, but need your own space, we’ve got you covered. All the apartments are beautifully furnished, come with free unlimited WIFI and are located in the heart of Green Point – steps away from the beach, a stunning golf course and a mountain or two waiting to be hiked up.

Beaumont Cottage, located in Green Point is a two bedroom apartment that is designed to be on the cover of magazines. This cottage is luxurious, has an outside shower and a patio that is accessible via a large 3 glass swing door. What more could you ask for?

So do you need any more reasons to make Cape Town your next stop on your route as a digital nomad? Drop us a line and let’s setup time to have a chat about how Cape Town Holiday Apartments can help you find the perfect apartment for your stop in our Mother City.

  • July 2, 2022
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