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CTHA print campaign in travel publications

CTHA the company responsible for some of the best self-catering accommodation and Cape Town holiday apartments has launched a print advertising campaign in all the notable Travel Publications including Getaway, Weg! and Travel Ideas. CTHA has been in the business of self catering accommodation for many years and is the industry leader when it comes to providing a home from home for all travellers. Whether they are visiting on business or leisure and whether they are overseas or domestic visitors to Cape Town, CTHA has made it their business to ensure that they have a comfortable place to stay that they can call home.

The new print advertising campaign is the next step in making CTHA the premier self catering accommodation booking agent in the country.  By advertising in influential titles like Getaway and Business Traveller, CTHA is targeting an audience that requires reliable information about how to find self catering accommodation in Cape Town. The advertising campaign was done by BSP Design and was launched in September of 2010. The simple yet stylish advertising mirrors the stylish, luxurious accommodation that CTHA provide. Getaway is the primary source of travel information for almost any traveller, with huge readership and nationwide distribution Getaway magazine was the obvious choice for CTHA to advertise their range of self catering accommodation. As well as prominent travel magazines the print campaign was also launched in several different gay magazines and annual publications. The adverts carry the same message throughout the campaign but stylistically differ slightly from each other across the different types of publications. By advertising in Getaway magazine CTHA is targeting a massive audience not all of whom are looking for self catering accommodation in Cape Town, that is why it was important that the adverts reflected the type accommodation that CTHA offered and the type of agency that CTHA is.

The philosophy of CTHA is to create an environment that is a home away from home. It aims to promote Cape Town as a world class holiday destination and creates a warm inviting atmosphere that aims to make everyone feel welcome. At the same time they offer some exclusive accommodation in all the stylish centres of Cape Town and it was important that the print campaign reflected this. The adverts in these Travel Publications have achieved this balance through its use of minimal copy that invites the reader to find out more by visiting the website. The stylized layout that offers a glimpse of the type of accommodation available adds to the exclusive feel of the self catering accommodation.

CTHA has a range of self catering accommodation to suit nearly any budget and every type of traveller, from CBD apartments for the business traveller to Atlantic seaboard beach houses for the family holiday makers. This type of diversity is an asset that keeps CTHA as the premier booking agent for self catering accommodation and Cape Town holiday apartments and which make

  • June 8, 2017
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